Friday, 11 September 2020

Art Project

  • The learning that we did was about Hannah Höch and her artwork, I have made 3 artworks of photomontage, this is pieces of different pictures and connecting then to other pieces. we needed to make 8-9 scrap pages of random photos and then 3 photomontages with them all connected together. I made these because they look cool and aesthetic. can I please have feedback on the work I have done to see what I need to work on or what I should do less of. 


Monday, 7 September 2020


Hello, for the past week or 2 we have been working on a slideshow about inclusiveness and including others no matter their race, gender, height, beliefs, ethnicity. No matter what that one person is, still including them. there may be a new person at school and you just believe that they are a certain race. you may not like them because they are a certain gender or they just have a different personality that you may not like.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Geri's Game Pixar - Scene / Dialogue

Today we watched a short film called Geri's Game Pixar, it is about a man who is playing chess with himself and the person who wins gets the teeth, here is my dialogue and scene of what happened in the film. Also, at the bottom there is a link to the video we watched to make the scene.


There is a man playing chess with himself, he places one of the pieces on another spot then goes onto the other chair and takes out the other side piece. He goes on until there is only 1 of his pieces left, He has a heart problem and falls to the floor but the kind does not fall over, then the other one is not looking he swaps the board around so he wins. the game ended very well after Geri 2 cheated and won.

Geri 1: Hahahaha I will win this game this is very easy

Geri 2: Oh no please let me win

Geri 1: Haha this is too easy

Geri 2: oh oh oh no I am having heart problems

Geri 1: That makes this even easier to win.

Geri 2: haha you thought, I swapped the board without him knowing. 

Geri 1: Wait what? Was I not the one winning the game?

Geri 2: what? No? Shh

Geri 1: then I'll just flick the king over, I give up

Geri 2: Good game it was fun

Geri 1: *sigh* here is your teeth back

Geri 2: Haha thank you!

Monday, 24 August 2020

Growth Mindset

Hello, For the past 2 weeks I have been working on a growth mindset slide show in class.
This includes stuff about how the brain grows, a video on Growth mindset, definitions of what some words mean. People who have become famous for not giving up. We are doing this because we need to learn about not giving up and working to your best ability.
Here is the slide show I have made.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

100 Word challenge - Aliens

There was a man with his friends, Bryce and Tai. They were about to go on an adventure to outer space, their rocket ship wasn't very good and it could break at any moment. They lifted off the floor and were flying around. They were going so fast that their eyes were pushed all the way into their head. The ship broke in half, they were floating around now, Oh Gosh what do we do. Thought Bryce. Oh no we’re done. Thought Tai. “good bye guys see u another time” The ship landed on the moon” WE ARE ALL ALIVE”

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Conduction Animation

Hello today I have been making an amination about conduction, I made a spoon with paper clips and glue on it, there is a heater underneath that heats the spoon up and the paper clips fall, here is the animation

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

100 word challenge

There was a kid called “Cliffy” he was always a very weird kid, he always stood at the end of the cliff watching the scenery below, Maybe he wanted to go skydiving one day and was just imagining it. Maybe he was just happy to see such amazing scenery. But he was always in the woods with wolves and foxes, maybe he thought he was one of them? Nobody truly knows but we all know that he is one weird kid. He would always go into the city and buy stuff, Where did he get money? No one will ever know...