Wednesday, 19 February 2020


Intro - Close up, Spaceman Jumping into the shot, Slow-motion to give the feeling we are in space
- Intro Symbol of the astronaut helmet, covers his face, Represents the barrier August puts between himself & the world.
Music - starts off slow and dreamy then it went upbeat
The tempo & dynamics increase to build energy in the scene.
We hear A radio of Ground control talking to Astronaut
- Next is a tracking shot as we move away from the figure it is now a boy in a helmet jumping on the bed
- Close up Shows us Auggies 'Reality' or view of the world but as we pull back we see the real world.
Dad / Nate "It's like leading a lamb to the slaughter"
Building Suspends as we still haven't seen the boys face.
We don't know what's wrong but Hints its had - Hospital scene, The Helmet, The Tags, School Convo, Auggies dialogue in the voice over
1. Auggie
2. Via
3. Jack
4. Miranda
5. Auggie
Star Wars -  a symbol of Auggie wanting people to treat him normally - A safe place. In the star wars universe, there are lots of weird-looking people so no one stares at them
Seen Auggie 
'Summer' "when being given the choice to be right or to be kind, choose kind."
People were bullying him about his padawan braid so when he got home he Cut it off.

Jack Has a Fight with Julien
Starts at eye level -  Mid/Medium shot
Makes us feel a part of the convo
- Sounds are Diagetic
- Low angle shot as the boy hits the ground, this makes the fight seem more dangerous. moves to close up of the struggle
 - Dutch tilt & low angle makes jack look more aggressive
- Music minor, Quiet, Dynamic - creates focus + intense, Slow Tempo
- Shot in slow-motion so we see the event more clearly

Significant - Shows the theme of popularity / Acceptance. Jack has learned from his mistakes + is standing up for his friend

The Nature Reserve fight scene = 1:29 - 1:32
During fight shots used to make Auggie and & friends bigger - More powerful & the bullies weak & vulnerable. Music had a fast tempo to build intensity.
 Significant - Auggie has grown as a character, he is now willing to stand up for himself.
- friendship, Auggie finally feels accepted when the other boy doesn't have to hide behind a mask anymore.

Long Jump / Fosbury flop

Long Jump

1. Run up is 21 steps
2. Take off will be from the second marker
3. The land will be measured from the back foot
4. Land with both feet together
5. If you are over the second marker when you jump it will be called a foul jump

Fosbury flop

1. Land with your arms and feet facing up. Land on your back
2. When you take off it should on 1 foot
3. When you leave the ground you mush spin around and use your knee to turn

Friday, 14 February 2020

For the past days, I have been back at school my class has been doing a bio poem, there are things. we need to answer,


Wednesday, 12 February 2020

English Film Language

English Film Dictionary
This is task one for the Film study my class is doing for inside and out hurumanu


PE Hurumanu. Athletics Scores

Goal: My goal for Term 1 Athletics is for me to Get better at running and high jump

Shot Put
13 Metres
High Jump
1.4 Metres
Long Jump
3 Metres
100m Sprints


Year 9
Hurumanu 1 - Sustainability - Maths/social science
Hurumanu 2 - Inside and out - English Science
Hurumanu 3 - Chemicals and Chaos - Science/Social Studies
Hurumanu 4 - Money Money Money - Maths/English
Hurumanu 5 - Making Waves - Maths/Science
Hurumanu 6 - Power To People - English/Social Studies
Hurumanu 7 - Sport PE
Hurumanu 8 - Akomanga Hauora - Health

Year 9 Hurumanu Site

Wednesday, 5 February 2020


Today we did Sport Hurumanu. We practised shot put, out teacher taught us to hold the ball you need to hold it with 3 fingers and your thumb,  also you ned your palm he taught us how to throw it, Hold one arm out, and the arm that you are throwing with needs to be up, the ball needs to be under your neck, when it's your time to Put the shot you push out, don't move your wrist

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Self Directed Learner

My Three Goals

1. Get to class on time so I'm not getting told off
2. Go to bed earlier so I'm not tired for the next day
3. Finish work on time so I don't get down in my license